Creative metro station

Architectural Bureau Amsterdam-based shaga Studio is not afraid of experiments. One of the latest project of the subway station and the surrounding infrastructure of the Lantern (The Lantern), received in the tender competition honorable mention. The idea of the Foundation of the creative trio of Amsterdam-based shaga Studio Shaney Baras, Gary Friedman and Philip Daniel – the possibility of absolute and comfortable integration of people in urban space, uncomfortable in nature.

The new project is a multifunctional complex that includes an underground metro station, viewing platforms, winter gardens and recreational areas, and modern fit seamlessly into the existing landscape with the peculiarities of his development.


LED, integrated in the sloping walls of the platform open space, allows light to disperse gently and naturally: similar to the daytime light floods the spacious waiting rooms to the exits in the square, a convenient niche on the platform for passengers. Terraces and ground effectively illuminated by the setting sun and integrated into the front LED.

The project cut the platform for the subway as pie. Placed on all its layers, attention to detail functional areas capable of independently handling large morning and evening streams of people rushing by. There is not a single point where passengers would feel trapped in habitual and close the underground tunnels.

The Lantern is more reminiscent of a spaceship with a clear mission: to bring together the different, tired of the bustle of people in a single seamless environment of comfort.

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