The world's largest painting of the 240 kg of coffee


As long as coffee many people have steadfastly associated with morning and need to Wake up, so Moscow artist Arkady Kim has called his huge picture of coffee beans — "the Awakening". This monumental work is 30 square metres and was presented to the public on Wednesday, June 26, in Moscow, in the Central Park of culture and leisure. Gorky.


On a picture the author and his associates in the amount of 5 people worked here, in the Park, June 14. This process could see everyone strolling in the Park, but many came here specifically to see how the 240 kg of selected coffee beans of different colors (this depends on different degrees of roasting, for the formation of a black and white picture) turned into a work of art.


At the presentation ceremony of the painting was attended by representatives of the Guinness Book of records, who recorded the result and gave Arkady Kim a diploma. He now officially is the author of the world's largest paintings made from coffee beans. The victory was celebrated on the spot: the organizers have arranged to Park a mini-cafe, where everyone poured fragrant freshly brewed coffee. Perhaps from the seeds of the same variety that were used to create a record of the painting. In total, the "Awakening" consists of 1,000,000 grains of coffee.


To see, touch, smell and photograph the picture-record holder in Gorky Park until July 1. What happens with the "Awakening" then, there are several versions: either it will be donated or disassemble, grind, brew and drink...

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