How much eats man for life

Food and water are two essential things in the life of any person. Of course, quite accurately, how much and what eats people in his life it is impossible to calculate. It depends on the specific category of people, their place of residence, income and many other factors.

Sixteen million three hundred twenty two thousand nine hundred ninety two

However, scientists have managed to calculate that the average person over 70 years of his life can eat more than 50 tons of food products and 42 litres of fluids.

Of the 50 tons of products you can select:

  • 2 tons of different meat, including 70 thousand cutlets.
  • 7 tons of grain, including 35 thousand rolls.
  • 1 ton of fat.
  • 4 tons of fish delicacies.
  • 5 tons of potatoes.
  • 5 000 pieces of eggs.
  • And sprinkle it all 500 kg of salt.
In addition, the person can eat about 10 thousand of those chocolates, if you make them on top of each other, will be equal to the height of 50-storey building. Drinks about 75 thousand cups of tea, which is equal to the height of 10 the Ostankino television towers.

Fifty two million nine hundred fifty seven thousand seven hundred twenty one

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