The air cleaner in the handle for frying pan

Some lovers of good and tasty to eat, independently engaged in cooking, really don't like smells of the future mouth-watering masterpieces spread through the house and give their culinary preferences. So they get a kitchen cleaners. But extracts, occupying a relatively large space and affect the aesthetics of the interior, may not be appropriate in small kitchens. The designer Hong Ying Guo for the solution of environmental problems in small kitchens developed the concept compact air cleaner Purifi Pan, built-in removable handle for frying pan.

Cool concept air cleaner-stick frying pan Purifi Pan is portable and completely self contained device, powered by converting heat from the heated cooking utensils and electricity. Conceptually, the hood is fixed on the edge of the skillet or casserole, which according to the designer Hong Ying Guo, facilitates the efficient capture of odors and cleaning the air and does not interfere with the cooking. The concept of the air cleaner Purifi Pan involves the use of the device design durable and heat-resistant plastics and the application of the waterproof electronics allowing him to wash in the dishwasher.

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