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Clothes can tell a lot about a person's character and to emphasize his personality as anything else. The desire to "show off", to stand out from the crowd begins usually in adolescence, often remains for life. And there's no shame in that (although your wallet may not share this opinion). And thanks to the invention of the Agency Continuum Clothing to turn a normal thing into a convenient canvas for the manifestation of their own creativity will become easier. And inexpensive.

Continuum Clothing is the design Agency that gave us the first swimsuit-bikini printed on a 3D printer, and the app "draw a dress" D. the Dress. The field of activity of specialists of "Continuum" is the Internet such a convenient way to create an "interactive" fashion. And a new project Constrvct is no exception.

Constrvct is positioned as "an interactive fashion label". And even extremely colorful. Best of all, the buyer can (and should) be "co-designer" of their future acquisition. The idea is simple and appealing: fans of the original and personalized have the opportunity to purchase a top or even a dress with its own fotoprint. Forget about banal t-shirts with a photo emerged from under the heat press machine: colorful image will fill every inch of your new clothes!

Get yourself "art picture" is easier: all that is required is to upload a cute picture on the Constrvct website (designers recommend the use of photo height to 5400 px and above, although 1800 is fine too), to choose what clothes you want him to turn, enjoy 3D model of a future purchase, pay and wait for the couriers.

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