The modernization of ancient Norwegian slipways

Norwegian architectural office Tyin Tegnestue developed a hybrid structure, which uses old wooden boathouses with the integration of modern technology, simple distinctive design and hinged doors-facades.

Although the boathouses are designed for storage, construction and repair, have a long history in Norway, their current use is very different from the traditional. In modern Europe, the boathouses have become a hybrid space, by assuming a utilitarian function, while performing a cultural – recreation.

This renovated boathouse was built in mid-1800-ies and his condition deteriorated to such an extent as to merit demolition. This structure, located in the North-West coast among the trees and water, uses a simple design with an honest use of local materials for the implementation of its new material expression.


Re-use of materials combined with the integration of contemporary details and concepts of the mechanisms of vertical opening doors, which provides convenience of use of boathouse as unassuming, but cozy place to stay.

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