5 ways to tell husband about pregnancy

If you want the beginning of your pregnancy to remember, then think of an interesting and amusing way to tell her husband about the pregnancy. Then you will be able to paint such a standard procedure bright colors, and your husband will be genuinely surprised. We offer you five ways how amusing to tell your loved one about her pregnancy.


Arrange a romantic dinner at home, light some candles, put on some appropriate music. Let everyone has a relaxing effect on your man. But when the husband will ask questions, on what occasion a holiday, shut up.

Instead, try all sorts of hints supporting her husband, for what reason are you going. To do this, can order the dish or cake in the form of a rattle. Pick a cloth over the table and sets with children's drawings. Surely, these things will push your husband to the right decision.


Write in front of the Windows of his house (on the pavement or Billboard) message to the man. It can be in the form of verse or consist of only a few sentences.

For example, you can colored paints to write "my darling, we will soon become mom and dad! I love you. Your M."

Surely your husband would like such a letter that will please him every morning when he would come to the window with a Cup of coffee.


If you want to wait with the news, then this method is for you. Choose any upcoming holiday.

Better if it will be your husband and a personal holiday. Purchase your beloved a gift and a card in which write congratulations instead of "you're having a baby".

Put the gift under the pillow in the front seat of the car or on the kitchen table. Look at the reaction of her husband, who will find a "surprise".


Contract with the "seller" predictions. If in your city there are shops of magical items and Feng-Shuya, bring back husband.

Pre-arrange with the seller and persuade him to buy a ticket with the prediction.

And here he deploys it, and it says: "You're gonna be a dad in 8 months!".


Send your husband a telegram. Imagine a husband suspects nothing, sitting at home, relaxing. Here the doorbell, on the threshold of a postman with a telegram. And it is just a few words: "my Dear, I'm pregnant". Look at the reaction of her husband. Sure, he could kiss you.

It's funny to tell her husband about her pregnancy in different ways. It all depends on your imagination, desire, creativity and skills to turn their ideas into reality. Besides these methods, you can hide a note with the coveted phrase in favorite cake men, to create a puzzle game, when he finds out about your situation, having a number of simple test questions about pregnancy.

The main thing to take into account the reaction of his men, his temperament, disposition. After all, not every young person likes creative, and jokes in such matters. And if your husband is serious and strict, then pick a more simple and classic way to announce that soon you will be mom and dad.


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