Again IT !! ))))

I have a cousin: shout, hefty, offhand, but his good babischa. Illiterate, but hard-nosed and with such powerful energy, supported by a piercing look from under bushy black brows, which makes subject to many, many, with far more intelligence. But this is not about that. Recently, on the celebration of the anniversary of my sister, she told the story.

In her youth she was still zdorovshe. She lived in a small town, working in chemical workshop at the processing plant, there dragged huge bottles and barrels of chemicals. For the harm they pay extra, issued stamps doppitanie. Coupons she took, but soon other products merchandised. - Fuck me the milk and cream, its better to give a cow! Once she bought all the monthly coupons products, mostly offal of any heart, liver, yes, yes lungs, and bones. In those days, the normal meat go somewhere, just tripe to the people and get ... get a full grid, you know, used to be such a grid-string bags, with a capacity of half a sack. The second hand has mesh canvas in her robe folded, it was necessary to wash it at home. Then her face:

I trudge home with two bags. Tired as a dog, dark, slushy, rain drizzles. Suddenly I was behind some downright under nozhenki nips. Villages and maybe better said - laid down. Bags mechanically flapped, they slammed on something, but I keep them in their hands. Lying, on the couch, she spreads her arms on the back, under the ass smoothly, just back from the sofa tilted back briskly. Long-or short-Do, to lie, but I start, izvorachivayas, get up. Bags hold. Somehow I got up, however, only looked up from the sofa and a couple of steps did not have time to do it again under my legs hurt knocked out. Again waving bags, falling adhering to the couch, then dodge, get up ... What is this ?? Oh my God, couch again ...

Now do the same with the words of another participant of the incident.
 - I am going on my "Zaporozhets" on the sly. Dirt, dark. Meals on the track, to the right or left is not collapse. Suddenly there was a huge drop and closes up on the hood of a car window. My "constipation" already hooked. I'm on the brakes. No shit is not visible. Then it's something very clean. What was it??? Only set off again on my poor "constipation" something huge fell ... Again it ??? BRAKING, expectant, can it retracts out of the way? I came to, touch.
... Oh, my God, IT again ...



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