Apricots are good for vision

According to experts, the apricots are rich in nutrients that protect eyes from disease and keep the heart and cardiovascular system. Apricots contain sufficient amount of vitamin a that improves vision and is a strong antioxidant that can neutralize free radicals in the human body.

Free radicals can because of its oxidizing properties can cause degeneration of the Central retina and lead to the formation of cataracts. Cataract is a disease, which is associated with damage to the blood supply. Also the researchers studied the health of the eye 50 of the thousands of nurses, resulting in found that those women who regularly consumed large amounts of vitamin A, the risk of developing cataracts was reduced by 40%.

It should be noted that carotene, which is provitamin a in fruits of apricot contains up to 16 mg%. Such amount of carotene is not contained in any other fruit growing on our territories. So this fruit is not only tasty but also very useful. So don't deny yourself the pleasure – have a favorite fruit, however, and to improve health.

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