Original table lamp Crease from Simon of Nauru

French author Simon, Nauru (Simon Naouri) only 25 years, but its success and demand it can compete with many older and experienced colleagues. Simple and stylish, the development at the same time and decorate the interior, and bring more substantial benefits, being equally decorative and functional. This also applies to the project the original table lamp Crease that looks like a bag where you put a whole heap of sunlight.

Original and stylish table lamp Crease, developed by Simon of Nauru, with its charming views and more informal design. Fine China successfully mimics white cloth and light pleating in the place where "sack" tied with a leather cord, adds a Crease to the project of realism. Leather lace is successfully disguised the cable whose length can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the number of "turns".

"Light the bag", how can you call a table lamp Crease, was first presented to the public during the Paris Design Week. To produce unusual lighting already agreed company between triode Edition.

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