Ribbon: ribbon for heating and cooling food

At the final competition of the latest technologies, which was conducted by the company Electrolux, a young designer Enzo kochak (Enzo Kocak) introduced the draft according to heating and cooling products that you can carry anywhere and use anywhere. The device looks like a flexible tape, and is called accordingly — Ribbon.

Portable stove-fridge can curl into a roll, allowing to fit in your bag or even jacket pocket. To heat a pot, a bottle or pan of food, the need to wrap this tape a vessel, attaching the black side, and press the button. To chill food or drink, to do the same, but the white side of the device. Is that not to confuse which side is warm and which is cool.

Management intuitively simple, it is able to handle even a preschooler who is forced for some time to stay home alone if both parents work late. In addition, you can not be afraid that the baby will tilt on the dish or the pot, pulling it from the microwave, and this is a significant plus for this kind of device. Moreover this device equipped with magnets, and so simply with crockery will not slip.

Stove-refrigerator Ribbon is a modular device, so, if you combine several of these strips in one device, you can not only heat food, but to cook something easy, like scrambled eggs, or cook porridge, potatoes, dumplings. The gadget runs on batteries, and the excess stored energy can turn back into electricity.

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