Training is a group class on standard bikes-simulators, that simulate the race on the large distance with different intensities. These classes are held under the guidance of the instructor. The rhythm of the ride is measured in the number of revolutions per minute, since it is possible to control the load, depending on specified programs and heart rate.

The speed of rotation of the pedals and the applied load depends on the effectiveness of the training. Cycle can be attributed to aerobic sport because it develops the cardiovascular system, improves stamina, strengthens muscles and will help in the fight against excess weight. In addition to the above, cycle relieves stress, eliminates depression and ensures a good mood. Most believe that the cycle is too severe pressure has on the knees, but this fact takes place to be only when combining low-frequency training and high loads.

Other options load, on the contrary, strengthens knee joints and ligaments. Such spinning is suitable for those who from running and impact loading (jumping) pain in the lumbar spine region of the knee joint. During Cycling sessions increases circulation, blood and oxygen is supplied to muscles, increases capillary action, accelerated muscle growth. Cycling helps not only to lose weight but also build muscle. Classes cycle-aerobics on the lightweight, standard bikes-machines mimic real Cycling. Spin allows you begin to master the technique of riding a Bicycle. Recommended for beginners. Spin force develops strength, endurance and tones muscles. Recommended for all levels of fitness.

Inter spin allows you to train in so-called interval mode. Recommended for all levels of fitness. To engage in the cycle can be two to five times a week. After a certain time you will be able to maintain the previously established form, when the cycle for professionals twice a week.

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