Chalet Brikell in the French Alps

Five million one hundred seventy eight thousand twelve

Designed by Swiss design Studio Pure Concept specializing in luxury properties, Chalet Brikell opened its doors in December 2011. Located between the resorts of Megeve and Courchevel in the rhône-Alpes region in South-Eastern France, Chalet occupies an area of 1,200 sq. m. the residence is rented and can accommodate up to 18 guests, which is equipped with 7 bedrooms. The price depends on season and ranges from €25,000 to €135,000 per week (no, not a typo)!

Seventy seven million one hundred fifty one thousand eight hundred fifty three

Sixty four million seventy one thousand five

Located at the foot of picturesque mountains, Chalet Brikell looks very natural surrounded by nature. Functional space, noble materials, elegant design and ease at the same time — that's what distinguishes the project in the first place. Warm wood harmoniously diluted and complemented by elements of glass and steel. An exquisite oasis of well-being are especially bedrooms, on the design which employed Italian experts, specializing in the design of expensive yachts. Cozy living room is a true work of art and is often used to capture the best photographers in the world. On the terrace you can soak up the sun, due to the location of the Chalet on the South side. Indoor pool, garden, nightclub, home cinema and massage room are nice additions. Chalet Brikell is a place where you can stop time to enjoy a relaxing holiday.

Forty nine million eight hundred seven thousand eight hundred nineteen

Fifty nine million seven hundred ninety thousand seven hundred fifty nine

Forty one million four hundred ninety eight thousand four hundred eighty four

Eighty six million two hundred forty six thousand four hundred sixty one

Fifty one million seven hundred seven thousand two hundred twenty four

Fifty million eight hundred ninety eight thousand one hundred forty four

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