House D in natural surroundings, Switzerland


Project House D was prepared by HHF Architects Studio. The house is located in a rural area of Switzerland in the commune of Nuglar-Saint-Pantaléon. Due to the unique environment it may seem that you are in South America or in the U.S. state of new York. It's hard to believe only 25 kilometers away is located in Basel. It is obvious that such beautiful nature was the basis for the concept design. The house has an unobstructed 180 degree view, and therefore enjoy not built up a green land with fruit trees easy.

House D presents three stories, the Central of which is decorated in the glass and is an open space designated for living room, dining room and kitchen. It adjoins a spacious terrace, decorated very simply, as, however, and the project as a whole. The customer wanted to take care of the garden, around the house and therefore do not grow flowers and trees. Lower and higher levels is three bedrooms, three bathrooms, gym and office. As major finish materials used in project glass, wood and concrete. There are no flashy features, no design details, custom — everything is simple and easy. But thanks to the exclusive location of this pretty. On a total area of 241 sq. m. felt the warmth and comfort that does not require more.

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