"Source water" for the victims of natural disasters

One of the main problems for victims of natural disasters is the search for drinking water. The concept of "water Source" (The Source of Water) from the designer Wong Kan (Wang Can) aims quickly and without much difficulty to help those who need to obtain clean water.

The device is based on the simple principle that water pressure around the tube will push through purifying layers, producing potable water with minimal effort. The user simply has to omit the tubular filter in the center of the cross with the floating ring and remove it when filled. The device perfectly fulfills its task by using a three-layer antibacterial activated carbon filter attached to the stainless steel tube.

Like most all of the concepts aimed to help people in extreme conditions, "water Source" attracts a lot of attention and needs a special study and support. The undoubted advantage of this device is easy to use and compact size. They will be able to take advantage of anyone, even a child. You just need to put it in any water source and get already filtered, potable liquid. The small size of this device make it possible not only to keep it at home in the closet, but to equip them, for example, lifeboats and other special rescue equipment. And if it does salt water turn into fresh can, he doesn't.

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