Nigardsbreen Glacier, Norway


The Nigardsbreen glacier — one of the arms of the biggest European glacier, Jostedalsbreen, it is located in a National Park Jostedal in Norway. His ice contains all the shades of blue, and at its foot is an amazing turquoise-green lake, which rapidly burst into streams of melt water.

If you ever decide to travel to Norway, you should definitely visit this place. This amazing glacier was formed due to the exposure to low air temperatures and large amounts of rain which is not uncommon for the tops of the mountains in this area.

Fallen on the glacier the snow is transformed first to firn and then to ice, is it all as negative and at the temperature of melting. At zero temperature the transformation occurs by recrystallization, which occurs due to the pressure of the overlying snow thickness and decrease in porosity, and in the second case, due to melting snow followed by freezing in the thickness of the glacier. Sometimes both of these processes can happen in parallel.

It is these processes that are the creators of the amazing blue color of the ice, or as it is called glacier ice. Square Nigardsbreen — 487 square kilometers, and its thickness in some places reaches 600 meters.

In some places the ice is covered with black patina, this happens because of the pieces of plants, insects and other organic matter which, when the melting of ice remain on the surface, but is touch them and they turn to dust.

The glacier is a popular tourist destination, so many travel companies sell tours to it, and the National Park Rangers Jostedal every morning cut steps to climb the glacier. The excursion to Nigardsbreen depends on duration, for example, the shortest tour lasts from one hour to two and costs about $ 25, and the long nine-hour $ 110.

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