How to get rid of a cold

At the first sign of a cold, when there are copious secretions, take a hot bath immediately after the bath, apply mustard plasters to the soles of the feet for 1-2 hours or put on foot capsicum plaster, which can be worn a day or two. Drink tea with honey rosehip, raspberry, lime color. Then make a paste of garlic and sniff it, alternately closing one or the other nostril. Exhale when you do this through wide-open mouth. But if the cold still increased, so that the house without five or six handkerchiefs in his pocket and not go out and start treatment. Pre-learn a few simple rules.

1. Before drip the medicine into the nose, be sure to wipe your nose. 2. To avoid addiction, you should not use vasoconstrictor drops longer than 5-7 days. Galazolin, naphazoline, sanorin — they are all addicted. Use of a better otrivine — he's in this group is not included, and even better — herbal remedies

3. Herbal medicine use: 3-4 times a day bury the nose of beet or cabbage juice, aloe Vera juice. A strong therapeutic effect has vegetable oil, Basil infused extra garlic: chopped garlic 8 - 10 hours infuse 1 tbsp. spoon oil, then squeeze through cheesecloth into a bottle from under the drops. 4. Twice a day, rinse the nose with warm water (36-37° C) mineral water without gas or solution salt (1ch. spoon on 0,5 l). For washing, use the syringe or syringe Assembly in a thin plastic tube. During the procedure, keep your head straight, otherwise the solution gets into the ear via the Eustachian tube.

5. At night put your head under a pillow for more: in this position, the mucus moves easier blood flow to the nasal cavity mucosa is not reduced and swells. 6. Drink chicken broth. It contains the amino acid cysteine that reduces mucus and swelling of the mucous membrane.

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