Tower Food Warmer: innovative tower-microwave from Haimo Bao

Innovative microwave for fast food was invented by the designer Aimo Bao (Bao Haimo). His concept he called the Tower Food Warmer, and positioning the "tower heated" as a convenient and compact device for those who often have to eat in the workplace.
Indeed, the vertical microwave Tower Food Warmer consists of several compartments for simultaneous heating of different dishes, and takes up much less space than a conventional microwave standard rectangular shape. Truncated cone looks much more stylish, besides gives an opportunity not only to warm up food in the compartments, but also to prepare something on the top of the "tower" which is a miniature hot plate. For example, it is possible to boil water, cook a couple of eggs, heat up a bowl of porridge, soup or a jar of vegetable stew brought from home.

But the inner office Tower Food Warmer is designed for fans to enjoy in the office fast food, namely pizzas, which come in different sizes, but always round in shape. So, sometimes it will be a long time before the pizza gets to the customer, so she'll have time to cool down and turn into unappetizing pie with cheese. Then that will help Tower Food Warmer that for a few minutes will warm up your favorite dish, be it king size or tiny, a baby diameter. Tower-microwave oven arranged in such a way as to open the compartments do not interfere with each other, and were given free access to each of them. As soon as a conceptual device will be on sale, designer Aimo Bao (Bao Haimo) to report not in a hurry.

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