Paper Phone

Scientists from the Canadian University in Ontario has done the impossible. The inventors have created the world's first paper phone. The prototype is much thinner and lighter than the beloved iphone. In addition, the device screen is fully responsive. It can compress, minimize and do other things previously unheard! What's the secret paper phone (paperphone)?

The fact is that scientists have been able to combine e-ink with touch capabilities of modern phones. Roughly speaking e-inc display left a lot of sensors that respond to pressing. The result is a smartphone loaded with many widgets and functions. On the device you can view images, videos, listen to music, write with the stylus and call contacts. The only negative is the lack of color palette. But let's not forget that the first TV was also black and white.

By the way, e-ink used in the manufacture of e-books and they are absolutely safe to view. A prototype of the paper phone is still only at the first stage of its development, but already allows us to see a different angle on what can be mobile phones of the future. Professor Vertegaal involved in developing the paper phone said that after 10 years all mobile devices will like this.

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