Qugo is a three-wheeled vehicle

Humans beings are lazy, and laziness – the progress engine. Urban vehicle on the drive Qugo from the Dutch company Urban Mobility Europe allows you to quickly navigate through city streets with minimal effort. Even to sit is not necessary, walked over, and stood on the platform and went.

Electric personal Transporter with three wheels, which determines its stability. Its design is patented and has a flexible and smooth running that are perceived by the person, the assurances of developers, "like skiing on the road". Thus a smooth and pleasant movement you can achieve a pretty decent speed to 25 km/h. About four times faster than a brisk walk.

Qugo is assembled on a lightweight aluminum frame. He has a large front driving wheel, a reliable three-disc braking system and lithium-ion battery.

If you look at Qugo, it is easy to notice its similarity with the bike, except the lack of Seating. The design of the two small back and one big front wheel Bicycle technology is used in a very long time, almost from the first Bicycle to the present day in the children's three-wheeled models. Its main feature – stability. Being among the three wheels, the driver can be sure of their safety.

Stability and safety are complemented by high maneuverability. Dutch urban vehicle can drive not only direct, but also to make sharp turns and zigzags. To further improve handling and stability of classical design, platforms for the legs and rear supporting wheel is fixed not rigidly, and the lever swing-like sling. Their position adapts to the body position of the driver.

The design of the Qugo partially foldable. For the period of storage the handlebar can be folded to reduce size. The weight of the individual urban electric vehicle 25 kilograms. Of course, too much for transportation in metro or bus, I suppose, Qugo for this, and is not intended.

Power reserve from a single charge of the batteries up to 25 miles. By the way, the rechargeable batteries included may be different at 36 or 48 volts and a capacity of 9-12 ampere-hours. It is obvious that the reserve depends on battery capacity and driving style. The old saying "more haste less speed" operates today.

The size of the vehicle 115х58х135 see the folded height is reduced from 135 to 78 cm


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