Chip for wireless communication

Researchers from Nanyang technological University and the Institute for InfoComm research, A*STAR has developed a new wireless technology high-speed data transmission. The chipset, dubbed the VIRTUS, provides the stream information at speeds up to 2 Gbit/s. Low energy consumption makes the technology a potential successor to Bluetooth on smartphones and tablet computers. So 1GB chip passes in just 5 seconds.

Such attractive characteristics make this technology an important candidate for use in mobile electronic devices such as tablet computers and smartphones. Spending quite a bit of precious energy from the battery technology VIRTUS is able to provide transfer of the contents of the 8-Gigabyte DVD disc in just 30 seconds time, for comparison, the Bluetooth technology allows you to do this same thing for 8.5 hours.

VIRTUS can compete with Wi-Fi technology, even 812.11 ac. For example this chip in 1000 faster Bluetooth(version 2.0). It uses millimeter wave for sending large packets of data at low power consumption. Essentially, the chipset VIRTUS confined within a single chip, operating at a frequency of 60 GHz, containing the antenna, receiving the transmit path and a specialized processor that is responsible for the signal processing base-band.

Scientists emphasize that they first managed to obtain the integrated three-chip, operating at a frequency of 60 GHz low consumption of energy. The product has already granted 16 international patents.So what are waiting for devices on which to watch streaming FullHD video. In the case of the successful promotion of this technology may allow the implementation of several applications such as wireless display, mobile-distributed computing, transmitting high-quality HD video in real-time and interactive multiplayer game.

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