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People who have ever been abroad are familiar with the unpleasant situation as unspent fines in local currency, and to drag with itself not want, and throw a pity and all you need is already purchased, and to exchange banks, the amount is too small. Designers Fan Cheng Kuei (Fan Cheng Kuei), Deng Pei Chih (Deng Pei Chih) and Shay Cai Ni (Hsieh Tsai Ni) came up with a solution to this problem – the device Add Up.

This concept is a metabolic machine that is able to convert credits in foreign money into the currency of your country. Information about the amount you should receive is displayed on the screen, then you need to decide how to get it: translate to the mobile phone, Bank card or account in Skype. Also do not forget the developers and about hundredths and tenths, which shall be rounded during conversion, while the remainder is transferred to the charity the registered charity of the company that the user chooses. That is, the device simultaneously pursues two objectives: to help the traveler and try to help someone in need. But traveling people in the world more than two billion so if you multiply this number even insignificant for the traveler hundredths and tenths, the result is decent and for society will be of great importance.

The machine is to be placed in train stations and airports, so travelers will have a great opportunity waiting for your train or plane to get rid of the extra weight and even benefit from it. Especially since, as a rule, people pull everything to the very end, so that it is in the last place of stay in a foreign country, such a device is most needed.

Machine Add Up, who is also one of the winners Red Dot Award: design concept in 2012 has all chances to be embodied in life, because he not only converts currency, but allows the nerve-racking situation, thereby giving you satisfaction and good mood.

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