Facebook and Skype together! Google nervous

The largest social networking site Facebook has entered into a partnership with IP-telephony service Skype, created a system of video chat. In the near future users will be able to appreciate the dignity of a free and easy-to-use service for video chats. It should be noted that this innovation can greatly increase competition between Facebook and the Internet giant Google.

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1. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg at a press conference in Palo Alto announced that its social network entered into a partnership with IP-telephony service Skype, created a system of easy-to-use video chat that is available to any user with the right profiles.

2. The chat function has been created in partnership with Internet phone service Skype. Photo: Mark Zuckerberg and CEO of Skype, Tony Bates.

3. A new "feature" allows Facebook users to communicate directly in the browser, without launching additional applications

4. Zuckerberg said that over the last 6 months on Facebook was made many changes, but before the end of the year will be made a few improvements and launched some new features.

5. The revised text chat service on Facebook three groups of innovations: improved group chat and page design contacts and profile now has a video call to a friend, based on the technology Skype.

6. To present the service Facebook Video Calling allows for two-way communication, and uses the latest technology of Skype, which is buying Microsoft Corp. for $ 8, 5 billion.

7. Meanwhile, Google, which recently launched its own social networking service Google+, recently offered an opportunity for a collective video communication over the service Google Hangouts, which allows you to talk to several people.

8. For social service Google+, which has not even had time to turn, presented yesterday, Facebook and Skype news knell sounded a funeral bell. Before that date the availability of chat was one of the few features that could boast of Google+.

9. As the largest social network, Facebook is in preveligirovannom position to the introduction of new functions fling away the competition far behind. Quite indicative is the story with the service Flickr, which, though very popular among amateurs, but lost a lot of active users of the possibility to post photos and videos to Facebook, which is currently the largest online repository of photographs in the world.

10. According to Zuckerberg, the social network is now close to saturation in the number of users, so this indicator is no longer an absolute indicator of success. However, according to the founder of Facebook, the amount of content, users who share continues to grow.

11. Recall that «Facebook» was founded in 2004 by Mark Tsukenberg and his roommate while studying at Harvard University.

12. Thanks to its website, Tsukenberg at 23, became the youngest billionaire in the world. Thus, revenues «Facebook» for the year 2009 according to the company amounted to about $ 700 million.

13. As of May 2011, in the social network has been registered more than 700 million unique users.



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