Phytoremediation cleans the air in the apartment

Pets are not only pleasing, but also require attention. The litter box is not too pleasant and convenient, but a necessary accessory which has to be tolerated. Modern environmentally friendly technologies will help to maintain the cleanliness of the air in the apartment and dispose of animal wastes.

Handyman from new York mark Prescott (Mark Prescott) offers to use to combat bad odor technology like phytoremediation.

In the General case, phytoremediation is a complex of measures for cleaning the air, soil and water using living plants. The first scientific study of the processes of phytoremediation held in the 50-ies of the last century, and its active development began in the 80s.

Mark Prescott does green lawns for 30 years, and became in that time the owner of three patents. In addition, his house has four dogs and a cat, so that the problem that triggered the emergence of another invention, the author knows firsthand.

System developed by Prescott simple, but according to the inventor it effectively eliminates odor. It consists of a standard indoor toilet, the air which via a hose membrane pump in the lower part is filled with soil of the container.

The container is, in fact, is a simple pot, which is filled with flowers in the Windows of many apartments and houses. In soil with roots of plants is inhabited by a variety of bacteria, and assigned the mission of cleaning coming from the cat box air.

As the author says, after passing through the soil, the air becomes much cleaner, and loses virtually all of the odor. For more effective operation of the system the kit added an automatic irrigation system SELFWTR. It is also developed by the author of the bio-toilet for cats with his own, and even patented. System maintenance includes replacement of water tanks and cleaning the kitty litter.

The irrigation system enhances cleaning efficiency and allows to use the technology on a large scale for commercial buildings.

According to Mark Prescott, all that is required from the owner of the cat, to get rid of smell is to trust green technologies. After you start using phytoremediation completely eliminates the need for different masking aerosols with chemical fragrances.

According to the calculations of the author, his cleaning system pumps through the soil with established plants up to 1500 liters of air per day. This allows not only to get rid of bad smell and improve the air in the room.

Currently, the inventor is looking for people willing to provide financial support for the implementation, promising for the participation of a discount on a product after production began.


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