Solar energy for cooking

German entrepreneur Gregor Schaper has installed a series of large circular solar panels in the small town of El sauce (El Sauz) near Mexico city, and uses solar energy for cooking. Installation of each solar plate costs from $4,000 to $5,000, according to AFP, the stove produces no harmful emissions and requires no additional costs. Entrepreneur notes that each solar reflector can collect enough energy to cook food for groups of 60 people.
Reflectors can create temperatures up to 1020 degrees Celsius. The heat then reaches the plate and is distributed between the boiler, frying pan and oven. Each reflector allows you to save 60 liters of fuel each month, proving that the system is environmentally friendly. Design is more comfortable, compared to other existing models using it, you can cook directly in the house.

"At first people here in the neighborhood, was very skeptical about the usefulness of my project," says Gregor. "As soon as they saw fit and what we can do with these reflectors, they realized that everything works".

The panels were manufactured by a company Trinysol based Gregor Schaper. In the manufacture of panels using technology developed by the Austrian company Wolfang Schefflers. Solar panels come in two sizes — 10 square meters or 16 square meters. They are equipped with light sensors and automatically turn towards the sun. Gregor is currently testing similar technology for greenhouses, production of honey and steam baths.

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