As on a powder keg: Aogashima - inhabited island-a volcano in Japan


About the troubled times we say that people live as on a powder keg or like a volcano. However, few people know that to live on this active volcano very comfortable. The proof is a Japanese village Aogashima (Tokyo Prefecture), located on the eponymous volcanic island. There are about 200 people, the island boasts beautiful scenery and mild climate.

Because of its unusual tectonic structure of the island Aogashima reminiscent of the scenery fantastic film. It was formed by the eruption of several underwater volcanoes, so today resembles a bizarre upside-down pudding on the plate: in addition to the main crater on the island there are another Caldera, a depression with steep walls. Looking at the pictures of this natural phenomenon, it is hard to believe that on this planet there are still places virtually untouched by human civilization.

The shores of the island Aogashima virtually impregnable, there is only one Bay where you can moor small boats. Tourists come here a bit, though stay on the volcano can be really unforgettable. From entertainment particularly popular are Hiking around the island, diving in the emerald waters of the Philippine sea, a visit to volcanic hot springs, as well as unique geothermal sauna. Fans of extraordinary experiences even have the opportunity to cook on the volcanic heat.

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