The patterns on the slopes of the Alps

Any one of us at least once in my life have resisted the temptation to leave footprints in the fresh snow, and some happy trampled your name or simple shapes on the meadow. Guided by the same principle, the artist Simon Beck (Simon Beck) every winter morning your shoes snow boots creates real art – or Snow Art. So on the dazzling snow "paintings" are born perfect in form and execution of three-dimensional shape in the form of stars, snowflakes, fractals, and even logos of companies that produce equipment for climbers.

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For the past nine years in the ski resort "Arc 2000" in the town of Les arcs (Les Arcs) in the French Alps on the frozen surfaces of the lakes of Savoy appear huge three-dimensional geometric patterns that the tourists and locals admire the nearby slopes. At this time, the ufologists can be calm, because these images are the size of a few football fields – not the writing of aliens, and art the result of sports training Simon Beck (Simon Beck).

British by birth, Simon graduated from Oxford University as an engineer. For many years Simon was involved in orienteering, made maps of the mountain area, which every winter season spent in the Alps. When Simon was 44, he suffered a complex injury of both feet, so skiing and steep slopes had to leave. According to the recommendations of doctors Beck needed every day to load your legs and make walking on smooth terrain.

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The other place, Simon would have surrendered and, having left the extreme beauty of the Alps to wander around the paved paths around the house. But instead, a former engineer, I went back to the foothills of the Alps, still untouched by people, where suddenly turned into a artist.

First your figure is a five-pointed star, the artist carefully "printed" on shallow snow with a winter boot, but it was physically very difficult, task. So Simon used the snowshoes that are left on the surface crust more wide and visible from afar "stitches," and the work began. Along the way, a talented newcomer studied the peculiarities Snow Art: the angle at which the sun falls on the surface of the slopes where thicker and safer ice, and where to wait for a possible avalanche.

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Simon is so loved what he did that eventually sold her apartment in England and eventually moved to "Arc 2000". In the summer of this "snow the genius" draws future projects on paper, matching the contours with a map location. And winter comes a time to act: the artist confidently and accurately embodies your drawings to life.

The complexity of this art is that the snow does not give the master the right to error: it is worth to stumble or fall, and ten hours of work on a complex image will be wasted! Simon tries to use only recently fallen snow, the depth of which does not exceed 4-6 inches, and the tools are special 30-inch snowshoes company "TSL", as well as compass, measuring tape and other simple tools for calculations.

The artist tries to complete the work at the right time, knowing that his fragile works will destroy the first strong wind or snowfall. And at the same time, looking at these short-lived masterpieces of graphics, are beginning to realize the illusory nature of life, art, and beauty as such. To efforts all-taki was not in vain, the author pictures of your snow pictures and publish them on your personal page on Facebook.

True love Simon to the mountains, the snow and unusual art made him famous in France and far beyond its borders. Large-scale snow "prints" also received a high rating among the American artists, the artist was awarded the "Most Extreme Art" by the new York Society of Unique Artists.

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