On snow, leisurely

Leisurely walk through the snow Simon Beck turns into an unusual creativity.

Every winter day Simon Beck puts on snowshoes and go for a walk on the frozen lakes of Savoy. After 5-9 hours of fermentation in the snow traces add up to a clear geometric pattern. The size of each of the image reaches the size of three football fields. A surprising feature of drawings in the snow is that they acquire 3D-effect, when viewed from above. During the existence of a masterpiece in the snow determines the weather. The first strong wind or snow destroy these creatures. Sometimes Simon Beck restores swept snow painting, sometimes begins to create a new.

Began painting in the snow Simon Beck after injuries in both legs resulting from skiing. The only physical exercise does not hurt, steel Simon slow walks on the flat snow. And the creation of drawings brings meaning to these aimless fermentation. Subsequently, Simon began photographing his creations, which made him famous in the network.

Looking at these works could not help think about the illusory nature of art, beauty and life in general.


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