200 doors in the restaurant BON

In Bucharest, Romania, recently opened a new unusual, mysterious restaurant-BON. What would this restaurant make it more extravagant and memorable, the design of decided to use old doors. In the end, the design of the restaurant consists of more than 200 old doors, window frames and shutters.

Most of the decor elements were used in the form in which fell into the hands of the designer Corvin Cristian, who came up with the style of the restaurant, and worked on the interior. "We tried to keep some memories of the disappearing past of our city and I think we did it," enthusiastically says Christian.

Some wooden doors and frames were repainted in a different color, but only that the design of the entire institution was done in one color, and matched the main color palette presents shades of white, blue and red. Together they are a wonderful mosaic of textures and colors.

Today, the restaurant is literally a Keeper of history, and not such a small city – Bucharest. The restaurant has become part of the culture and a favorite destination not only for tourists but also for locals.

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