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The amaranth plant is very useful for human body. Its usefulness lies in the contained substances – phosphorus, calcium, routine. These substances are perfectly strengthen the immune system. In addition, the amaranth can be used as a regenerative and anti-aging agents.

Amaranth has a strong hemostatic effect, due to the beneficial properties of vitamin P, this plant strengthens the walls of capillaries, making the blood vessels less permeable, cleans blood vessels from cholesterol low density.

Juice of flowering amaranth —a great tonic for the hair, it prevents hair loss and strengthens hair follicles. Also juice has a strong anticancer effect, is used for the treatment of tumors of various etiologies.

The experiments showed that the aqueous extract of the aerial parts of the plant have antibacterial, diuretic and protistotsidnym effect. Amaranth oil shows hemostatic, anti-inflammatory and antifungal effects. A decoction of the roots helps in the treatment of Guinea worm disease and jaundice. Infusion and fresh juice of amaranth has an antitumor effect.

To prepare need one tablespoon of dried wreaths with seeds chop and pour a glass of boiling water. This welding should insist 20 minutes. Accepted infusion a quarter Cup for half an hour before meals. The course of treatment is 14 days. The taste of the beverage of amaranth, sweet and slightly astringent. It is best to prepare the infusion in a thermos. To improve taste you can add a spoonful of honey or a slice of lemon.

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