How to cope with food poisoning

Most of the food poisoning has a simple reason: from various contaminants trapped in the product during storage, transportation or use in food. E. coli, Staphylococcus, Salmonella and Bacillus of botulism, regardless of what they hit in the stomach, causing his disorder, which can not only have a negative impact on the workflow, but to have the most serious consequences for health.


Many are thinking on what to do in cases of poisoning by food? Fortunately, nausea, vomiting, pain in the stomach can pass by themselves within two to five days. That's why the "victims" of food poisoning don't like to go to the doctor and rely on folk remedies self-medication. We do not deny the usefulness of certain herbs, natural remedies and proven treatments, but still recommend you to contact your doctor if your condition has not improved within a week, there is a high temperature, as well as vomiting and diarrhea more than two days. What to do when food poisoning if sick baby or an elderly person? In this case, qualified medical assistance is a must, as banal food poisoning can cause complications due to the lack of body resources to combat disease.

To speed up the recovery time when you can poisoning: drinking large volumes of liquid, short sessions of fasting, the observance of bed rest and receiving effective chelators. Doctors recommend taking activated charcoal for 3-5 gr. – 4 times in an hour with an interval of 15 minutes, vitamin C – two times every hour, or once use of the drug, combines the properties of activated carbon and vitamin C, for example, the treatment of natural raw Integrin-N.

Integrin-N, enterosorbent on the basis of hydrolytic lignin – derivative of cellulose, it is also recommended to use with special types of food poisoning: poisoning with mushrooms, meat and meat products, fish, fruits and vegetables, because the dose and convenient form of release allows you to quickly get rid of severe symptoms: nausea, vomiting, seizures caused by exposure to toxins on the body. Feeling dry mouth, weakness and the first retching, better to take enterosorbent, before the poison had time in large quantities to get into the body, began to participate in the intake process and have not been able to break internal organs.

Special caution should be exercised in cases of poisoning by mushrooms, fish or unfamiliar fruit, for example, during a vacation in tropical countries. The poison can be slowed. So, that you were poisoned by the mushroom, you will learn in half an hour, and the death caps – only seven hours. If mushrooms many still try to be careful, not collecting, for example, old or unfamiliar mushrooms and avoid poisoning, what to do in case of poisoning food in a foreign country: fruits and vegetables, many do not know and start to panic. In this case, each traveler should be given advice to learn more about peculiarities of the national cuisine in the country they intend to visit, not to buy suspiciously cheap fruit from street vendors, not to yield to their entreaties is to try directly to the market unwashed and carefully pick up the contents of your travel kit, not forgetting to put an effective enterosorbent.

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