Genetically modified Salmonella eats a brain tumor

The website found out amazing news! Scientists were able to say a new word in the treatment of brain cancer — and for many sufferers it sounds like a song. Details below. Salmonella is a genus of bacteria having the form of sticks. Every year they cause the disease salmonellosis affects more than a million people worldwide, about four hundred saved, unfortunately, is not possible.


However, the achievements of modern genetics allow you to turn this enemy of the human race in one of his saviors, and here is how.

A team of geneticists from Duke University were able to reprogram the DNA of the Salmonella so that it killed an aggressive form of cancer. The fact that the glioblastoma — the most common form of brain tumor stem poorly to chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which makes it extremely lethal. If the patient is diagnosed as "brain tumor", it usually lives no more than a few months. But the altered Salmonella can greatly extend this period. Because the bad glioblastoma she just... eats.

Changes made by the researchers create in Salmonella intestinal deficiency of purines and tumor cells, again, contain many of the amino acids. So the bacteria goes straight to the brain, where it devours all cancer cells, and then... self-destructs due to lack of oxygen. After this, the body does not remain the slightest traces — neither Salmonella nor, best of all, cancer.

Tests on rats showed that in every fifth case, the patient was able to extend by 100 days, which is approximately ten years of human life. Of course, laboratory research is only the first step on the path to creating a full-fledged drug, but their success inspires great hope that this will happen in the near future.

Health to you!



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