Joy at all times: touching historical photos

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Surely many albums there are pictures of the utterly serious moms and dads, grandmothers and grandfathers, who did not smile at the camera. But of course, you can find photos from the holidays, where everyone is happy and joyful smile! That Website found you the rare historical photos that will give joy and melt your heart!

A few seconds to happiness, 1955

Photo source: Boredpanda.comvictorias the pair is trying to hold back the laughter while posing, 1890-ies

Sergeant Frank Preytor feeds the kitten left without a mother

Best friends

Austrian boy got a new pair of shoes during the Second world war

Girl playing for your dog

Tabby gets her portion of milk, and black-and-white waiting queue, 1954

Deaf boy Girld Vittles first hears, 1974

Girl glad new therapy involving animals, 1956

Happy little French girl and her kitten

Husband is a Protestant and the wife Catholic wished to remain together even after death, 1888

Russian soldiers sleeping with puppy

The girl walks with a penguin Flipper in the London zoo, 1937

Little Carrie Fisher looks at the performance of his mum, Debbie Reynolds, 1963

Blind woman swims under the supervision of his guide dog, 1966

The little French girl kissing an American soldier on Valentine's Day

Baby together with his Bloodhound Leo at the exhibition in London

Girl meets her beloved at the train station in Connecticut, 1945

The little Parisian, 1952

Nanny dancing with children, 1964



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