Coffee "Black Tusk" - the most expensive coffee in the world

Coffee is called "Black Tusk" doing in Chiang Rai province, Thailand. The secret of the drink is its unusual method of processing coffee berries of Arabica coffee passed through the digestive tract of elephants. This type of coffee is considered the most expensive and most difficult to produce.

And good people, and animals! First, elephants-workers tasty food. Second, they do their "work" sponsor creating and supporting elephant veterinary clinics in Thailand. Well, earn a lot of coffee — one kilogram costs buyers $1 100. For its production needed to feed the elephant 33 times more fresh coffee berries.

Niang and Linda — two wives of one husband — harvested coffee beans passed through the digestive tract of elephants, Chiangsan, Chiang Rai province, Thailand.

A woman of the Fox nation gathers ripe berries of Arabica plantation in Phrao, Chiang Rai province, Thailand.

Loon makes rice porridge with coffee berries specially for elephants.

The long-awaited litter. Animal need 15-30 hours to digest the berries. A large portion of grains (only digest the berry) is spoiled, broken or lost in the grass.

Such an extravagant method of coffee processing was taken from Indonesian colleagues who make "Kopi Luwak" — coffee passed through the digestive tract of civet.

A special vessel for the perfect "Black Tusk".


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