Smart traffic light

International forum for talent development (iF Design Talents) gave us another innovative concept. At this time, the project concerns a new look by the traffic light, and it is designed by designer Chang-Chi Shih (Chang-Chi Shih). In this Smart traffic light for his work using led lamps. In addition, it is equipped with a camera to take pictures of what is happening on the street, which is designed to record violations of drivers. The design is intuitive, and the signals can be easily changed to an alternative.

Of course, very good, when it is possible to adjust and readjust the symbols of traffic lights under the new rules and laws, but it happens not so often, and to be precise – almost never. If any country adopted a certain symbolism, it does not change. Especially since all the countries have about the same rules and signs, so it's hard to make a mistake. In addition, as can be seen in the project images, the light is illuminated solely by red light, having only one partition. However, it is not in vain modern traffic lights have at least two sections and burn at least two colors, because this contributes to greater traffic safety, which is associated not only with psychophysiology of the person, but also with the phenomena of physics. Because the traditionally used color the light was clearer and better perceived, even with color blindness. In addition, not too convincingly looks white housing lights. Black performance would provide greater contrast and, therefore, would enhance the visibility of traffic signals, especially in the daytime.

So the only positive aspect of this development only in the easy customization of the signals (or the currently used traffic lights can do it too?), and the rest in this concept form, unfortunately, prevails over functionality. And why alter something that works so well and has long-established?

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