The kumquat is that fruit?

Kumquat, also known as Japanese orange, or Kinkala, a small citrus fruit, popular for its taste and nutritional qualities. Japanese orange has a reputation as the "fruit of the wise", as it was the staple food of the ancient Chinese and Japanese scholars. In Europe, the kumquat is sometimes called "the fabulous Mandarin". Interestingly, this fruit can be eaten straight from the peel, all of it, especially because it is thus possible to take advantage of all its properties, very useful for health and well-being.

In the peel of the kumquat contains essential oil has antibacterial properties. Therefore, the kumquat are eaten with the peel (of course, previously well washed), it will serve as an excellent prevention of acute respiratory infections and help strengthen the immune system. However, if you have kidney problems, to use the peel of the kumquat should be cautious: it can cause irritation of the kidneys.

Another amazing feature kumquat – getting rid of hangover. Most Chinese after a great holiday with abundant libations are treated exactly kumquat. Should take note of. When planning the meal to take care o the kumquat on the table. In this case, a morning hangover can be avoided.

To the beneficial properties of kumquat manifested itself in full measure, better to use it to write raw, with peel: heat treatment is detrimental to vitamins. For the prevention of colds can be prepared from the fruit of the kumquat vitamin drink, for best results, add the ginger root. By the way, the drink mix can be used not only fresh, but also dried fruits kumquat.

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