A device that can find your phone

We know that the mobile phone is an essential thing in everyday life. Perhaps that is why, every person coming out of the house, there is sort of a "mandatory ritual" – to find and take your phone. Fortunately or unfortunately, this thing has a very small size. Even the biggest phone that you can call the brick that has the ability to "disappear from sight". Yes, probably every happened is that it is time to leave the house, and the phone never find. Well, if you have another mobile phone, or landline from which you can gain your immediately to find him. But not always in the house has a second phone, and this is the sentence: "Here's a beetle on it which was something!", – or something similar, uttered by many.

Well, according to numerous requests of inhabitants of our planet who know a lot about the creation of technology people have created the same bug, however, it's not really a bug. The hipKey device allows you to find your phone (and any other thing), no matter where he was. In order that this possibility was real, only need to do the following two steps: hipKey to buy and install a special application on your device.

The principle of operation is similar to the principle of a metal detector. When you are near to your gadget, the device will give a signal. Besides, he has attached, on which reacts the same as on the app. Are attached can bind and fasten to any thing, such as keys or the remote.
Now, with the help hipKey, you can find everything that you lost in the house.

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