Universal metal detector quasar arm: on land and in water

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Universal metal detector quasar arm: on land and in water
Active seekers of treasure never stop at one place search. They go to the mountains, in forests, on fields, and also examined the bottom of rivers, seas, lakes. But not all metal detectors can be submerged under water. And to carry two, it is inconvenient and expensive. But there is a solution.
Recently, in 2017 the market has launched the new ground and underwater metal detector quasar arm. With it, you can search for items on the ground, in the coastal zone, in shallow water and even dive to a depth of 10 metres. A great versatile device that you can take with you on any searches.
Waterproof thermobox Aquа guaranteed to protect the control module from penetration of water. The walls of Hermonassa quite thick, and due to the high quality of the Assembly it protects the inner stuffing of the metal detector from the water. The control unit is placed in a box sufficiently tightly, without gaps and securely fixed to provide maximum containment and protection from leaks. He also helps out when working on the land, preventing the penetration of snow, rain, mud. But if you happen to miss the detector from a height, the box will protect it from damage.
Features of the metal detector quasar arm:
  • Maximum diving depth – 10 meters.
  • The maximum depth of operation under water or in a hole – 2 meters.
  • Tight thermobox Aqua.
  • Sensor DD 30х32 cm: 6.8 kHz.
  • Additional search sensor at 5-20 kHz.
  • The presence of the backlight which can be adjusted if necessary.
  • Configurable sound signal.
  • Function pinpointer for a more accurate detection of small targets.
  • Wide discrimination of metals on 16 items.
  • The ability to manually disable each of your metals.
  • Programming of the balance of the soil is automatically installed. There is a possibility to make changes manually.
  • The operational signal processing due to the work on the basis of the STM 32.
  • All the data are shown on LCD display: battery charge level, the scale of VDI (top), "slider-scale" distance to the search object, the type of metal.
  • Painted rod easily adjusted in length.
  • The ability to install/change SOFTWARE, provides in-circuit programming of the device. Today firmware in the Quasar 2.2.8.
Build settings:
  • the battery is 2200;
  • Converter, voltage regulator DC-DC 3.7-6.3 In;
  • collapsible rod, with the possibility of adjustment;
  • reliable factory cost .
If you decide to buy quasar APM, in addition to the device itself, the kit includes:
  • Thermobox Aqua adapter;
  • The headphone Jack, which must be purchased separately;
  • Control unit;
  • Adjustable rod;
  • Charger for recharging the batteries;
  • Sensor;
  • AKB.
Please note that the manufacturer reserves the right to make some changes in appearance, characteristics and components of the product. If for you it is important to check before buying all possible nuances that interest you. Then to not be disappointed, bringing home sold.
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