The festival of chocolate in Lviv

Chocolate festival in Lviv — the sweetest holiday of the country. This year it will take place 6 times and, as usual, will present on court of the best tooth products confectioners from all over Ukraine! In the Holiday program of traditional Chocolate 2013 chocolate fair and tastings, master-classes and contests, vozvedenie sculptures made of chocolate blocks and show of chocolate dresses from Ukrainian designers and Children's chocolate country — art workshop in which kids can own hands to create chocolate masterpieces.

This weekend in Lviv will be held under the sign of chocolate. Sweet festival opens in the city on February 9 and will last until the 12th. Especially for the holiday created by the chocolate copy of lions, but this is not the only building that can be seen.

So, in the course of the festival will create a huge pyramid, the "raw material" which will make the timber of chocolate weighing 3 tons. Your hand at creating chocolate sculptures can try and kids workshops they conduct chocolatiers of the world level.

Like most holidays here, the festival of chocolate in Lviv careful attention to detail, including theatrical performances and jazz music. I advise everyone to visit Lviv and to see this little tale.

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