Eternal youth of our hands

Hands are the second person that is constantly on the mind and it can reveal the secret of age. If the hair is sloppy, it gives the woman a charm, the lack of makeup – natural, touching and youthful, but well-groomed hands and a bad manicure is just a start man. Hands and nails should always look perfect, they need care, they need to nourish and moisturize.

A beautiful manicure is quite possible to do at home, but it will require daily attention and care, as it can oblasti nail, broken nail, to receive the Burr. If the time for such care is not enough, then refer to a specialist, nail – the best option for You. The main thing to determine the choice of material in recent years especially popular Biogel, which appeared relatively recently. Building and strengthening nails with Biogel focused on maintaining the natural resilience and strength of nails. This procedure takes a little time and provided a beautiful manicure for a long time.

To soften the skin of hands should be lubricated them before going to bed with almond oil. Once a week make hands compress: first hands RUB a thick coffee or sea salt then apply a thick layer of pulp of honey and olive oil, put conventional medical gloves, and on top of knitted mittens. The wrap is removed after half an hour, but you can at night to leave.

To strengthen the skin and nails useful in the evenings to do the bath of warm milk for ten minutes. Do not forget about vitamins. So, vitamin a maintains the smoothness and moisture of the skin, and contains it in marine fish, liver, cod liver oil, egg yolk, butter. Vitamin b helps to heal cracks, it also contains fish oil and fish and in cereals, in beans, in potatoes, walnuts, meat, milk etc.

All chores complete with gloves to protect hands from exposure to chemical detergents. The garden work also needs to be done in gloves, but not rubber, and cotton, they are going to have Your hands to breathe and sweat less. After removing gloves be sure to wash your hands thoroughly, wipe them dry and apply a moisturizer. Following these simple guidelines, You will retain the tenderness, the softness, the creaminess, the beauty and health of hands.

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