Underground waterfall

Ruby underground waterfall with a height of about 45 meters, which is located inside lookout mountain. The ruby falls is one of the main attractions of the city Chatango in Tennessee, USA. Tour of the falls starts from the top of the Elevator which slowly descends to 70 m deep into the rock. For its sheer walls and swim bizarre formations of minerals, shiny stalagmites of white onyx, columns and caves.

Stalactites, stalagmites, lost in the gloom, passages, corridors, tunnels. Before, visitors will enter a Central hall of the cave, they hear the roar of falling water. According to the organizers of the tour, ruby meets them pitch dark. Then again turn on the colored lights. And before frozen from surprise visitors open high underground hall (about 45 meters) with a narrow arch as in the Cathedral.

With the height in the middle of this room falls continuous vertical water column. There is a story about how it was found. The cave where the waterfall was known for a long time, but the waterfall found one person who, while in the cave, felt the movement of cold air. Going on the air, he discovered the waterfall and named it after his wife ruby.

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