Strange shoes

The first mention of the Shoe was still in the eighth Millennium BC. Then people used a variety of tools for that would be easier to move around (easier is what you have already said: that would not collect all the stones and dirt on your heels).

By far the most comfortable shoes are sneakers, running shoes and other shoes with a low platform. Many people, especially women, argue, as for millions without heels walking is simply "no". Our usual modern heels, of course, can be convenient, can not be said about coppini and Karabakh (ancient shoes which has a modern relief, and where to go would be really uncomfortable).

But now the public is periodically shocked some of the shoes. For example, in 2008, Victoria Beckham was released shoes that had no heel. According to women who have experienced walking in such shoes, it really is no inconvenience. However, doctors do not support these shoes since they adversely affect foot and on the leg, in General. After you create Victoria Beckham shoes without heels, fancy shoes became, and becomes, more and more.

To surprise people with new models of footwear have already entered the tradition of designers. In recent years, increasingly to the creation of shoes as to the creation of architecture. For example, Julian Hakes’ shoes are created, which are called the Mojito Shoe. They represent a model, which has a sole for toes and heel, that is, the middle of them absolutely no.

It is, of course, attractive, but if you watch your health, it is not necessary to wear them, as problems with the feet in these shoes provided. They can just try and put at home as decoration, so if they like you.

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