Tactile Mobile Phone – a mobile phone for blind people


People who have vision problems, have special needs. For example, is completely alien to them modern smartphones with huge screens and lack of keyboards – they just won't be able to use them. This is because designer Peter Lau (Peter Lau) and created a mobile phone specially designed for blind people.


The last few years the designers and engineers realized the need to create special devices that make life easier for blind people, for example, a device that allows them to navigate in unfamiliar terrain, or an adapter for your iPad, thanks to which even the blind users can use this tablet computer.

And designer Peter Lau has created a mobile phone for blind users. However, externally, this device looks more like a computer mouse. Although, of course, it would be foolish to expect absolute similarity between this camera and modern smartphones due to the different needs of people using them.
Tactile Mobile Phone has two active panels that allow them to manage.
In addition, the truncation of the Tactile functionality of Mobile Phone has a positive impact on its value, because without the screen, modules Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS, this device will cost mere pennies. Why blind people to pay for something that they don't need?

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