How music can affect health

In the 4th Millennium BC, the doctors knew about the importance of music in medical purposes. With the help of good music wanted to stop the aging process and prolong life. In China, music was considered an excellent drug that can help all diseases
Why is music so unique? The basis for studying the effects of music on the human body was the work of famous biologist of the 20th century, David Damer, who conducted the study of the vibrations of the cells of the human body. First, he measured the vibrations of DNA, and then redid the invisible vibrations in the sounds, and came out nice music. It's hard to believe, but cells really sing. Moreover, the songs are cells different from each other. Healthy cells are singing one by one, the patients differently, but the dead just making a noise.


Music therapy is an excellent method of treatment for depression. Nothing better than this no medicine invented.
Music will help many people get rid of stress, ill health and depressing thoughts. There is even a special composition, which can affect various parts of the body.

How to listen to music with health benefits?

The main thing – do not need to be in tension while listening to music. Music is only useful when it will listen to relaxed. Music fills the mind and banishes bad thoughts.


Don't have to go too far with music therapy. Most of the sessions should not exceed a couple of minutes.
The basic rule in the treatment of music she should like. If the melody evokes pleasant feelings, it will definitely benefit.


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