The fish: pros and cons

To get incredible pleasure, not necessarily to go to the ends of the earth to an exotic destination. Heaven came to you! You can get a massage with Garra Rufa fish already in our country.
Miniature fish care about the cleanliness and beauty of your hands and feet. The practice of using Garra Rufa fish is already more than 150 years. Once, while swimming, the fishermen noticed that during the water treatment next to them, swimming fish, slightly pinching them. Deciding to surrender to the mercy of the bathers was very surprised when I realized that after contact with these kids for the skin has transformed. Later it was found that diseases such as psoriasis or eczema retreat after a swim with the fish Garra Rufa.

The Garra Rufa fish has no teeth, they use only lips to remove dead cells of the skin, sensations of procedure of the fish massage is similar to a massage effect. During the massage fish secrete special enzymes that promote regeneration and elasticity of your skin.Hundreds of little Garra Rufa very carefully and selectively processes the skin certainly where it is actually needed.

Garra Rufa is a wonderful beauticians. They can clean and rejuvenate your skin, making it healthy and fresh, beautiful color. Their touch is the best massage that improves blood circulation, has a calming effect on the Central nervous system, reduces swelling and leg fatigue. During the procedure you will experience full relaxation and significant psychological relief. And pleasure which you will feel cannot be compared to anything!

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