Castor oil is a beauty secret!

I want to tell you about a simple, but good ways to maintain your beauty with the help of castor oil.

Your amazing eyes fucknut from the fact that thinning eyelashes? Do not worry — they smear castor oil about three times a week.

Feel discomfort because of dry lips? You only need to mix four parts of petroleum jelly and three parts of castor oil, slightly heat and spread it on the tool lips.

Wrinkles appear? There are a couple of easy recipes.

1. Heat over the fire a tea-spoon, and then pour it in castor oil. Warm oil apply to skin around the eyes and massage gently for her, tapping his fingers. This is a simple procedure with constant compliance can not only save you from wrinkles, but also to prevent their occurrence.

2. Warm castor oil two hours is applied to the skin, massaging it easily. Then with a napkin, remove excess oil from the skin.

Suffer from hair loss? And then the oil will help you.

1. Mix two tablespoons of onion juice and two tablespoons of castor oil, massage into area of the hair, cover with polyethylene, and on top wrap a warm towel for 35-40 minutes. Then rinse your hair.

2. Blend ten teaspoons of oil and 3-6 drops of lemon juice, heat the mixture on a steam bath to 40-43 degrees, and then is rubbed into the region of the hair roots. Cover the head with polyethylene and top wrap woolen scarf. Wait a couple of hours, then rinse the hair and rinse them with acidified water. Repeat the procedure twice a week.

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