Google has combined a scanner with a vacuum cleaner

Google has unveiled a device for automated scanning of books, which includes household vacuum cleaner.

For the first time about the device described in the presentation in 2012. In November, Google published an online description of the scanner and the drawings. Using these materials to make a similar device everyone can.

The main elements are: a prism with three sides made of sheet metal, scanner and cleaner. A book lay on the frame, moving along the faces of the prism. In the edges, there are cracks. The vacuum cleaner provides the air flow which moves a page.


Device developer Danny Comsee reports that to scan a book of 1000 pages you need a half hour. The total cost of the scanner will be fifteen hundred dollars. The main disadvantage of the device — one can roll not one, but a couple of pages, but Kusie came up with a page break, which will reduce this risk to a minimum.

The device can create digital copies of books faster than scanners with humans. At the same time the device is several times less than a specialized book scanners. Such scanners take a few companies — for example, Treventus, and the cost will be several hundred thousand dollars.

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