Charge your phone using transparencies

At the exhibition Mobile World Congress in Barcelona presented a transparent photovoltaic film that can charge your mobile phone. The film is attached on the screen of the mobile device, without interfering with the use of all functions of the phone. The film, which cost is only one Euro, created a company Wysips. The inventors think that the first mobile phones equipped with such a film, will be in stores later this year.


The novelty, according to representatives of the Wysips allows you to get rid of the problems unexpectedly discharged batteries. In order to recharge, you just have to put the phone on the sunlight. Ten minutes in the sun enough to talk for two minutes. For complete charging, you need to leave the phone in the sun for 6 hours.

Says company President Louis Deble, the device this is the tape that will be most in demand in Africa. About 500 million people can afford the phones, but many areas have no electricity, according to AFP.

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