Review of gadgets with alternative charging

Today, read the news about the "perpetual" phone under the name Viro This phone will be submitted to October 1, 2014 i>. The creators promise continuous operation without recharging from the mains. I decided to share with you interesting alternative technologies for energy from the surrounding space.

The picture above shows the phone Nokia E-Cu At this phone was not even under network adapter connector. E-Cu has a heat source capable of generating enough energy from the heat of our hands. He was supposed to go on sale as early as 2011-2012 year i>. But alas ...

This article will try to tell you a bit about the achievements in this area and examples of existing devices.

Now the market has seen phones with E-INK screen. This technology allows you to greatly save battery gadget due to the consumption of energy only when the update image. Now available on the market: ONYX PHONE E45 BARCELONA one monochrome E-INK Display and Yota YotaPhone two displays E-INK and LCD Until the end of the year to be released Yota YotaPhone 2

These devices though, and increased battery use, but they are still dependent on charging. And then come to the aid of solar panels. There is a very interesting device called Meet Earl or just Earl . This device is a tablet with a high-performance solar cells. What gives him the opportunity to work without charge from the mains. The device itself is very interesting.

Judge characteristics:

Android 4.4 • Flexible 6 & quot; E-ink screen (1024x758) • Sunlight viewable with lunar lantern mode • Glove friendly capacitve touchscreen • Waterproof shell (Waterproof) • Solar charging (solar panel) • i.MX 6 DualLite 1GHz Cortex A9 • 1GB ram • 16GB memory + microSD • Wifi b / g / n • BT 4.0 • ANT + • NFC (yes contactless payments) • VHF / UHF transceiver (GMRS, PMR446, UHFCB) (possibility of the receiver and transmitter to communicate with people over the air, like a normal radio or just broadcast on the radio) • GPS + GLONASS • Accelerometer • Gyroscope • Magnetometer • Temperature • Barometer • Humidity • AM / FM / SW / LW / WB (all radio stations ranges) • 20+ hour battery (per charge) • 3.5mm TRRS headphone / microphone jack • Micro USB • Military grade secure lanyard (protection class military grade does not kill him) • 400 grams (14.1 oz) • 178mm x 125mm x 15mm

This device should have come out this summer. But delayed the certification process. In return, the creators of the improved device performance, upgrade the software. True it will have to wait until the summer of 2015.

From the phone with a solar battery still can be found Sagem Puma :

If you really try, you can find Samsung E1107 :

There is a lovely LG GD510 Sun Edition : < br />
More efficient technologies of solar panels based on the photovoltaic surface, embedded directly into the display:

Here's what they write about the developers of one of the varieties of this technology, called WYSIPS

- The Secret WYSIPS is invisible to the eye lenticular lenses semicircular who share falling on the screen and the light emanating from the screen into two streams, divorced at some angle.

If the top of the screen are very thin strips of photovoltaic cells, they do not prevent the viewer to observe the image. However, the incident light from above will be rejected on these bands.

efficiency thin photocells used in the prototype is only 10% Wired elaborates: "The telephone screen with WYSIPS gives out bright light output in a quarter of a watt».

This is insufficient to completely abandon the AC charging your phone or PDA. Is that in sleep mode so the phone will be able to fully recharge only from its graphic panels, six hours.

- Developers Apple and Yota ​​b> are considering options for the introduction of these panels into their devices. In Apple have been filed for registration of the relevant patents. And in Yota ​​b> was a message about considering this technology for use in their devices. Perhaps in the near future we will see from them any gadgets.

One of these phones with charging through the screen is already out, but Tag Heuer Meridiist Infinite so very dear:

The watch has long been used way to charge your phone via a solar panel in the watch face. Near the clock data is not present, but they write that they are charging in the sun for a few minutes. In the picture clock Casio AD-S800WH-4A there другие:

In post caps was a message about the phone Nokia E-Cu , capable of converting heat into electricity in our body. To do this, hold the phone with bare hands. In winter, it is not practical to freeze and to recharge the phone does not make sense. But the technology is very well applicable to the hours and hours of these are already on the market. For example Citizen BQ0000-56E There are other ways to charge regular hours, not yet applicable for mobile electronics: kinetic and spring mechanism with avtopodzavodkoy. In either case there is a transformation of the energy of motion, fluctuations in electricity.

All is good, but for smart charging hours this is not enough. In Korea Institute developed a special tape for converting heat into electricity that can recharge smart watches or other mobile electronics. This tape can be built into the strap:

However, as in the quote: "No matter how much you earn, more importantly, how much you spend." You can charge the device and so that it is not annoying. Suppose every year ... The above smart watches Casio STB-1000 capable notify incoming calls and sms while working from one battery to two years.

Dear Habrovchane, I would like to learn about interesting gadzhetak on this topic. Please share in the comments.



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