In which country are the best husbands

The results of the experiment, which was conducted by specialists of English, University of Oxford, the best husbands in the world — the Swedes.

The ranking is based on a key, according to scientists, the indicator — the extent of assistance provided by his wife husband. This includes shared parenting, the care of the house and the desire with which the husband provides help with cooking, washing dishes and Laundry.

Sixty seven million three hundred six thousand fifty one

In the world ranking consists of 12 countries. As it turned out, the best husbands live in Sweden. Second place is Norway, and the top three closes UK. The last three looks like this: the last place is Australia, above only Austria and Germany.

Sixty nine million four hundred seventeen thousand three hundred six

As the head of the experiment Professor Almudena Sevilla-Sanch, first place in the ranking are occupied by countries in which there are so-called egalitarian societies, where full equality between man and woman reaches such an extent that the work in the household involves not solely a woman's job around the house.

Thirty million ninety seven thousand four hundred seventy nine

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